Carousel Pro

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Carousel Pro

Edit Your Carousels Whenever, Wherever You Want.

Carousel Pro is the solution you need to create carousels (often refered to as slideshows) for a company’s waiting area, a hotel’s loby, a shop’s window or just about anywhere else where you want to play a carousel.Editing your carousels can be done easily using our iOS app or our website. Changes will be directly pushed to your TV where users will be able to see the new slides right away.

Easy To Use


Low Priced


Customise your carousels at will

  • Change the transition effect

  • Interval time between slides

  • Start date and time where a slide becomes visible

  • Expiry date and time where a slide disappears

Get Started For Free

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Getting started is free. With our free subscription, you can create 2 different carousels with each up to 10 pictures. This also includes access to our different displaying options and advanced settings.

Hardware Up To 80% Cheaper

You Only Need An Apple TV®

Other solutions that offer these features often require you to buy expensive hardware like a powerful computer. In addition to the pricey hardware, these devices have also a high maintenance cost.Our solution only requires an Apple TV® to drive your TV screen, this is up to 80% cheaper than a computer. In addition with the simplicity of installing updates, this solution is the right fit for you!

No hidden fees

We're Very Transparant About Our Pricing. No Hidden Fees!


$0/per year

  • Up to 2 Carousels

  • Up to 10 slides per Carousel

We offer a limited free subscription to everyone that wants to try out our service.*


$40/per year

  • Up to 5 Carousels

  • Up to 25 slides per Carousel

$39,99/year when billed annually or $3,99/month when billed Monthly.*


$75/per year

  • Up to 50 Carousels

  • Up to 1.000 slides per Carousel

$74,99/year when billed annually or $7,49/month when billed Monthly.*

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* Prices may differ in other currencies.
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